Insurance Claims

Filing a Claim for Your Damaged Roof?

Rely on us for roof inspection services in Eugene, OR

Filing an insurance claim after your roof is damaged can be stressful. Thankfully, Trinity Exteriors can help ease your stress and fix your roof. We offer inspection and roof damage services in the greater Eugene, OR area. Our expert roofers will follow a thorough process to assess the damage and give you the information your insurance company needs.

Take the first step toward a better roof by hiring us for roof inspection services now.

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Find out what's going on with your roof

You may not know the extent of your roof damage. Our roofers will help you identify storm damage, roof leaks, algae build-up, shingle damage and vent issues.

When you hire us for roof inspection services, our roofers will:

  • Ask about the roof issues you've noticed
  • Walk the roof to check and measure any damage
  • Take pictures to document the damage we find
  • Discuss our findings with you
  • Give you a proposal

Let us know how we can help you with roof damage services.